The world of spending money on “stuff” has always fascinated me. I personally use, what I would consider, an expensive perfume. Chanel No 19 and No 19 Poudré. It’s nearly £100 a bottle but it lasts me nearly 2 years. But it’s worth it isn’t?! It makes you feel good and smell good. What I find hilarious are the over the top adverts. Selling a dream, a way of life, an unachievable attraction. There is a lot of partial nudity and they tend to have seductive expressions. However, they may well be part of my future career! 


So maybe it’s the idea of “celebrity” I’m not keen on. Famous and revered just because they are in the limelight. I’ve never understood the attraction. 

Humour is important to me, clever humour though, someone should really make this perfume…


There’s an obvious truth in this, especially in the UK. But that’s another subject!peroni-beer-spray-perfume-117500

Unfortunately we are heading the same way as America…



This perfume is real and so is the packaging. I love this as it is funny and obviously eye catching. It smells good too. But it is not elegant and may ware off in time.